The Church Of Cannabis was incorporated in Berkeley, California in 2002 with the lofty goals of bringing alms to the ill, music to the masses and clarity to the universe. The church itself was formed many years earlier after an insight into the universal appeal and possibilities that came with a plant that can be grown with nothing more than water, sunshine and love. It was noticed that Peter the pit bull who was getting older and a little creaky with age used to make a bee line for the yard in the morning to nibble at the leaves of the medical grow plants at the end of the garden. After a leisurely feed of the plants fresh growth it seemed like there was a noticeable improvement in his walking and movement. After a rough start in life Peter blossomed into the most wonderful dog and lived to the ripe old age of 18. Whether his long and healthy life was connected to his enjoyment of the cannabis plant, or a mere placebo effect it certainly did him no harm! The interconnectedness of plant, animal, nature and the universe was instrumental with the Church Of Cannabis taking shape and its progress to this point where those who grow and those who enjoy cannabis can contribute to making the world a little bit of a better place for many of the animals we share our world with.

Our Mission

The mission for The Church of Cannabis is to connect people who enjoy and appreciate fine cannabis products with farmers who tend to their crops with love, skill and dedication. In connecting farmers and customers the church looks to donate any profits received to selected animal charities and sanctuaries. A true “Cannabis with a Cause” approach if you like. By following the path the cannabis products take from our farmer partners, customers can be aware of how their product is grow, cared for harvested and processed and contribute at the same time to the betterment of life for some of the other animals around us that we share the world with.

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