When we look out at the wonder and size of the known universe it is hard not to be awed. The scale and beauty of the universe is hard to get ones head around for sure. However, jumping to the conclusion that it was all created for us by a God in our image seems a little bit of a stretch. When we put ourselves at the center of creation and assign ourselves as the most important beings is it any wonder the world is the way it is? If instead of feeling our privileged position is justification for creating all sorts of horrors around the world, we could instead acknowledge our connection to the universe at large and we might be a lot better off. Given that the majority of the energy in the universe is not visible to us, and that we know that in reactions energy is neither created nor destroyed, there are plenty of ways to view the universe to suit all mindsets. If we look at this energy as temporarily animating all living matter before returning to the ether this connects us more closely to all living beings, past present and future.

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